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What do people think about boys wearing girls underwear?
i like to wear girls underwear i like the colours and mainly the comfort as they fit great, just wondering what people thing of boys wearing girls underwear ?
It is ok if you like it. I once had a boyfriend who used to wear panties all the time(also bras and other garments, when at home.) To be fair to men, when women can wear clothes that were previously men's, like trousers, jeans, t shirts etc, I dont know why men cant wear women's clothes! My boyfriend used to say that the colors, textures, styles
available in panties are not available in men's underwear. One other advantage was that he did not have to bring clothes while coming to my home, as he could wear mine.
If you search on the net, you would find many groups or clubs of men who like to wear women's clothes. One I think is, which my boyfriend used to visit.
What do people think of boys wearing girls underwear?
is this right?

what is your view on this?
each to his own. does it really matter, as long as the person/people are happy. X
What Do People Think Of Boys Wearing Girls Underwear?
Some Say , They Are More Comfy? , Because I Was Thinking Of Giving It A Go For A Short Period Of Time , And Find Out For MySelf?

You will never know if they are more comfortable till you try.
The only snag I can see is that should you get "caught out" while wearing a pair and have to visit the Gents, you could get some funny looks! And don't forget that they don't have convenient front opening!!
My husband had to borrow a pair of my "sensible" knickers once when we'd gone away for a few days and he forgot to pack his boxers. He needed something while I washed out the ones he'd been wearing.
What do people think of boys wearing girls underwear?
im a 16 year old boy and i like to wear girls underwear. i first 'borrowed' (lets not go there) my neighbours underwear without her knowing, and when she realised she was missing some of her thongs she confronted me and first i denied it, but then she pulled down my trousers to see if i was lying and there was one of her thongs. she was shocked but after we talked about it she was, i suppose, understanding about it. she let me keep the ones i had taken and also gave me some others that i really liked, and that she didnt like so much.

i dont know why i do it and since i took some of her underwear, i have fantasised about wearing other sorts or underwear, especially the girl boxers from topshop, but havent plucked up enough courage to go in and buy some yet.

i was wondering what people think of this and also how, if i did, i would go in and ask to buy and/or try on some of the girl boxers. thanks

your a 16 year old boy with a vivid imagination
How come not alot of boys like wearing underwear or bikinis?
whats wrong with it?
you should try thongs, man.
Do any girls like boys wearing their underwear whilst making love?
or is it just wierd?
That's just weird. So weird in fact that it should be obvious its weird.
How come you don't see underwear ads where the boys are actually wearing the underwear?
And how come you never see ads where the young boys are wearing speedos? All you ever see is pictures of the product, but no boys modelling them.
Because of all the perverts in this world. Are you asking because you're disappointed?
My school has stopped the boys from wearing boxer underwear! This is insanity! What would you do?
I'm asking because all I wear is boxers, and they check us everyday. If ur wear them, you get detention. They are making all the parents buy different underwear.
That really is a nonsensical rule. If I were you I would do a boycott or sit in. Plan to wear boxers on a certain day, and tell everybody else to do so as well. They can't suspend EVERYONE.
Anything wrong in boys wearing girls underwear?
they look much more comfotable too..

would any fit a boy okay?
There is nothing right about it, it's just all wrong.

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