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In part 4, Levin shows Kitty his diary before marriage--who did he sleep with?
Was it
-Agafea his old house keeper?--ewwwww
-Sister-in-law of Madame Sviazhskaya (P3 CH26) --she had huge tities
-possibly a daughter of one of his farm workers?
-maybe a character not mentioned?

im aware there are many possibilities...tell me what you think?!
I think it would be a character or characters not mentioned.

He wouldn't sleep with the housekeeper. (He esteemed her, but didn't think highly of "those women" who became mistresses. His high regard for her would have been lost, and he most likely would have discharged her.)

He was uncomfortable with the sister-in-law's plunging neckline.

He would have too much respect for those who worked on the farm to "despoil" one of their daughters. (You have to keep in mind the time. For Levin to have slept with a daughter of one of the workmen without then offering marriage, would have been to dishonor the girl and the family.)

What do you think?
How can I find out if my dog is pregnant w/o immediately going straight to the vet?
Up until 2 days ago (today's date 11-02-06), my dog started back eating her food. She's been refusing/not eating her food for about a week. Her tities are getting bigger towards her groin, her nipples are huge right now and I can manage to get what looks like milk out of them. She does have vaginal discharge/bleeding. Light pink in color and she's licking constantly. She's very tender under the belly, very affectionate and protective of me. This is my first experience ever with a pet becoming pregnant. My dog is also due for her immunizations, will this affect her pregnacy? There are two strays that keep coming around the house, she is an outside dog, comes in at nights. Is there a way to distinguish which dog got to her??? I know this question is kindof odd but.....
What a RESPONSIBLE owner to leave an unspayed dog outside---IN HEAT!!!!!!!!! Probably ALL the stray males "got" her. are a winner.

And if you listen to the idiot "Golden breeder" that says it is OK to vaccinate a pregnant bit are really a loser. NO vet will give the distemper combo vaccine to a pregnant bit ch.

You really need to spay the dog.
Wow, can you guys believe someone just e-mailed me this?
you have some huge tities.

i wouuld tear the **** out of ur vag

.....seriously that's very disrespectful, why would guys do that :P
That is absolutely horrible!!!! Get a little respect and learn how to treat a woman. Sorry there are those of us out there like that. Please do not hold it against the rest of us.
I have boy tities?
I'm not a huge fat pig but im not athletic body type with six pakcs. im average weight but I have little **** and they are somehow visable on my shirts. How can I make them go away? Are there any particular excesizes that i can do to lower the fat in my chests? like running and jogging is that good?
Perhaps you could wear a "Bro" or the "Manziere"
Now at 1st i thought ma man was cheating he flips the script!!!?
he thinks im cheating cuz im on myspace, hang out wit ma ex after school, sits on other bois laps, eveytime he onthe fone wit me and im walkin around he says if yo man there huh but sometimes i b like to sum dem fine fellas how u doin, when i get in a chat room on tagged he thinks im cheating i mean he i didnt acuse him once when i thought he was cheating not wen it coms to me its 21 question i mean is wat im doin to otha bois cheating its not ma fault i have huge tities and i hang around bois alot i guess its cause what come around goes around!!
In a way I would think that you are cheating. There's no need for you to be sitting on other bois laps if it isn't ya man. But then again females know how to hold their own. we can do all that extra stuff without cheating, them on the other hand can't. If it was the other way around I would think he is cheating.
How many days do syrian hamsters carry their babies?[exact answer please]?
she's huge,she's digging and sleepingalot,she,now has tities.
Looks like the gestation period is only 16 days! Found on the website.
Could my rabbit have mastitis??
She has four babies , she breathing heathily, won't drink,lays around,and her tities are HUGE.
Yes get her to be looked at by your vet, asap, dont take risks with the mummy of your baby bunnies. THEY NEED HER!
Guys, rather have an ugly girl with nice boobs than a beautiful one?
I have 2 jobs, one of them is at a bikini bar (no I'm not looking for anyones approval). Well, at the bar there are HUGE and I mean fat girls, ugly face..but implants, and guys always want them. theres women in their 40's who arn't the best lookers (but some are!), they have a big rack...and guys want them too. Why are guys like this? Why dont they care about a girls face or anything else on her body other than T and A? I mean a girl can be 200 pounds with zits all over her face, but as long as she has the tities or *** its hot.

I just dont understand guys, care to explain? I would love to know what you all think. I am only 21, small chest (36 B) an ok butt., and a great face (thats the only thing i like about me), but guys dont seem to care about the face or anything...just the tatas. (reason im ranting is because you basically make money on your looks where i work, its kind of like a strip club, but you stay clothed). Guys, can i have your opinions? (sorry im VERY tired)
It's simple really. All these women are just like a fantasy, they don't mean jack shiznit to these guys. The guys are thinking "I'd hit it and quit it!" or "She's ugly as hell but that's what doggie style is for!" Plus, they are most likely drunk so what else are ya gonna do but ogle titties?
My friend's 10 year old step son is possibly a creepass?
my friend is living with this older guy who has has been raising his 10 year old son .(this guy is not a normal sized 10 yr old,hes huge,like a 13 yrd old) this guy has this female rottweiler ,the dog is very pregnant and lately this boy when i go overthere constantly makes comments about the dog..her puppies and .."how big her tities are" he is constantly laying w this dog,..grabbing..fondeling,,stroking..:mi… like strokes to this poor dofgs teets. Its his constant doing this..remarks and wierd looks on his favee while he does this thats creepy!!! is THIS NORMAL?? I TRIED TALKING TO MY FRIEND ABOUT HER B/F'S SON'S BEHAVIOR. SHES SAYING IM MAKING IT A BIG DEAL WHEN ITS NOT! I THINK HES A PERV! WHAT DO U ALL THINK??
Yup. He's a creeper. He needs a lot of meds.
My girl has contracted several things?
My girl has gone out and done it this time. She contacted several of her old gal pals and they are going on a huge fling " you know where". Thats right the mall. I know you women and your shopping ways. I getcha. I am a guy and I have my guy ways. I like sitting around the house in the leather chair eating greyish peanuts and watching T.V. and playing video games. Although I don't really like watching sports or playing sports games so I am kinda a sensi (sensi stands for sensitive guy). I hear ya'll guys. YOu guys like sports and such. Hockey, tennis, golf, nascar. That nascar is something of a nasty thing. Now there is a girl in nascar so I reframe from calling it nasty anymore. I am like a guy in that I like to flex in front of the mirror with nothing on but me white tities - YAH! Your feeling me arn't ya dawg. Well I gots to go but thanks for all the help.
Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational though. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul

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