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Women-only town of Swedish lesbians 'does not exist'...?
Several Chinese media outlets have published reports claiming that 25,000 women live together in Chako Paul City, which is said to have been built in the forests of northern Sweden in 1820.
The residents have turned to same-sex relationships to satisfy their desires, and any men attempting to gain entry risk being "beaten half to death" by the blonde sentries at the gates, according to the reports.
The far-fetched fantasy appears to have been swallowed by many Chinese men, forcing Swedish officials to issue a formal denial that the town exists, or ever existed.


For shame....!
Anyone want to buy a pair of Birkenstocks and some dungarees?

Women - Only Town Of Swedish Lesbians does exist. My mate's got a copy. He likes films like that.
Lesbians: What do kind of figure do you like on a submissive girl?
I guess i'm felling a bit self-consious right now. I'm 5ft6 and have a 24 to 25in waist (I'd have to measure to 100%) I like the way I look but I have yet to meet a dominant lesbian who agrees... I look kinda like the average Japanese girl but Swedish.
You sound fine and lovely. But it's not all about the way you look. Personality plays a big part in any relationship and determines who will be attracted to you, more than how you look. Don't worry, I'm sure you are a beautiful woman. Have confidence in yourself. =D
Do you beleive lesbians should be openly allowed to have biological offspring?
Knowing there is a problem with the lack of fathers out there and the lack of proper role models for boys is this good?

In Sweden the laws were changed so any lesbian couple could get sperm. Whereas it was only wedded lesbians and registered lesbian couples. (pre 2005)

I agree with adopting but I'm not sure about this. Not saying it wrong though.

You have a "typo" messed with my head for a sec... should be married women..to "registered heterosexual partners".

Sure why not, I support gays right to adoption and to have guys of there own.
What are your opinions on the swedish study that found that the amygdala responses of gays is sex-atypical?
I'm talking about the study done by Ivanda Savic and her team that found gay men and straight women have more neurons on the left-side of the amydgala and straigt men and lesbians more on the right. Also, that lesbians and straight men have asymmetrical brains, unlike gay men and straight women
Just more proof that sexuality is innate.
Has anyone here seen the Swedish lesbian teen-romance film "Show Me Love"?
The info on it is here:

It's a really sweet movie, and I loved it! )))
I was just wondering if any of my LGBT friends have seen it as well )))

Oh, and I have this movie! So Message me and I'll send it to you! )

That was so totally uber...
I would give it about, eh, 7 or 8 out of 10.

Elin was my favorite character. I dunno why.
Prolly the kinda chick I would want. ;D
Er, I would probably be Agnes.
Shy and kept to myself. But she's a sweetheart. <3

I think the ending was uber!! Especially the bathroom scene thingy. And when she walked out, "Out of the way, we're going to go fxck."

I thought that was so f'in cute. And Agnes...At the very end when she laughed. <3

Ah, I loved it!

What is this song by Swedish singer/songwriter?
It's by a swedish singer/songwriter and it's about a guy (the singer) who is is moving to New York with his friend who lives in Berlin. His friend is a lesbian and is going to live with her girlfriend when they get their. The singer goes to stay with his friend whos parents don't know she's gay and would not let her move if they knew she was & that she was going to live with her girlfriend. So the friend asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend so her parents will let her go.

Any ideas??
Well cool story
Chat for people with bulimi/ anorexi and chat for lesbians?
Chat in Sweden ( swedish or english languages)
so the chat has to be for people who are:
bulimeia or anorexic
and sweedish?
good luck w/ that one!
What's this band/group called- had two girls with a name like tattoo?
I remember is had a name like 'tattoo' or something and it had two girls in there and they were lesbians (or something. Im not a lesbian if you're wondering, I just like their music) I cant remeber any of their songs but they're from the last ten years>>> I think they were russian or swedish or something/
they're called t.A.T.u. and they're from russia
i quite like them too, who cares if they're lesbians lol
Would you date a girl like this?(guys and lesbians only please)?
she has medium length brownish black (red in the sun) curly hair.her skin is very light tan, almost pale, it never gets red from exercise or embarassement. Brown eyes that occasionally turn a deep emereld(i spelled that wronge) color. Is pretty thin and a little muscular.She is one fourth african, one fourth cherokee, and half swedish. She has straight a's, but never studies. She writes poetry and loves reading. She barely talkes at school, but is not stuck up, just shy.she will speak to anyone who chooses to speak with her, but may not talk at all if not spoken to first.she will talk to you frequently speak with you once she gets to kno you though. She loves rollercoasters and adrenaline rushes. She is bisexual and has made the decision to not judge people based on beliefs, appearances ect. She always wears convese and skinny jeans, but what she wears on top changes often.she likes tall people(attraction) with dark hair and pale-ish skin.she has been told she is a musical genious as she figures out bach and vivaldi on the piano by ear.she loves imogen heap and emilie autumn.she needs music to survive.her house is pretty big and she has three younger siblings.she jokes often, but can be taken seriously when needed.she is very clairvoyant and sees things coming through dreams.she is loyal and will always be there for you no matter what.you can always talk to her and she won't judge. So... would you date her?
Umm... Yes.
Women sue walmart for supposedly being gender-biased in not promoting them, but promoting men!?
So a hard-working man, who has more skill and experience and also works harder than women and reaps the greater results... If he gets better rewards it is suddenly seen as a sexist act.

I've also heard about the case of a swedish girl who sued a university for not allowing her in and she gave the excuse of sexism.

What has the modern woman come to?

A bunch of lesbians who hate men, but expect men to work hard and they get all the rewards.

This is ridiculous!
IF he does happen to be more skilled and have more experience, of course he should reap greater results. I'm not sure if this is the case though....

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